HSM Membership

We offer a wide range of musical tuition at Howick School of Music. Please see below for all instruments taught and lesson timings.

Class & Hire Subscriptions: Membership should be paid in full at enrolment or by the 12th February 2022 or by 1st August 2022 if a written arrangement has been made at enrolment.  You will find all membership subscriptions in the lists below. Your membership subscription contributes to the running costs of HSM.

All members contribute a Scholarship levy and Building levy to our two funds. The levy is an annual charge of $35 per family.

PLEASE NOTE that tuition is for a full year only. Enrolled students are required to commit to the full year of tuition. Please see our Refund Policy below.

Instrument Lessons Offered at HSM

Class Timetable

Saturday timings: 45 minute sessions on Saturday morning – 8.45am, 9.30am, 10.35am, 11.20am, 12.05pm. From 12.50 individual lesson times may vary. Group lessons are held before or after the respective orchestra or band. Please see Orchestra and Band timings.

Tuesday timings: from 4pm to 8.30pm

2022 Membership Subscriptions

Levels 1-2

  • All Instruments
  • Membership $420/year
  • Group lessons 45 minutes
  • Group size 4-6 students
  • Saturday or Tuesday classes

Levels 3-5

  • All Instruments
  • Membership $490/year
  • Group lessons 45 minutes
  • Group size 3-5 students
  • Saturday or Tuesday classes
  • Level 5 available for Violin only.


  • For advancing students
  • 30 minutes: $1105/year
  • 45 minutes: $1595/year
  • 60 minutes: $2095/year
  • 30 and 60 minute lessons may not be available Saturday mornings.
  • There may be a surcharge for lessons with Senior Tutors.

Introductory Programmes

  • Music for 5-6 Year olds: Music Jam and Do Re Mi Music
  • Group lessons 45 minutes
  • Group size 6-8 students (two tutors)
  • Membership $420/year

ABRSM Music Theory

  • ABRSM Theory tuition for students working towards grade five theory
  • Membership $420/year
  • Group size 4-6 students
  • Students following ABRSM Practical or Performance examinations Grades 6-8 must achieve Grade five theory first.

Our Refund Policy

Our School is a not-for-profit society. We aim to keep our subscriptions and hire fees affordable by keeping our expenses as low as possible. As such we have a firm No Refunds Policy. Please see below:

  1. You may withdraw from a class up to two weeks before the commencement of lessons. Any withdrawal notice must be received by 12.00pm 29th January 2022.
  2. No Refunds can be given once classes have commenced on 12th February 2022. All members are required to pay their annual membership in full by 12th February 2022 or by 1st August 2022 if a written arrangement has been made at enrolment.
  3. All enrolments are a one year commitment. By enrolling your child, you agree to this commitment from 12th February 2022 to 3rd December 2022.
  4. No refunds can be given for missed lessons.
  5. No replacement lessons can be given for absences.
  6. COVID-19: In the event of a future lockdown or a Covid Alert level interruption to our timetable, our lessons will be given using an online format appropriate to each class. We may reschedule up to two weeks of the year, but no more than this. An example of this would be online lessons for wind instruments at Red Alert Level, or if the whole school is forced to close by the Ministry of Health.