1996 – 30th Anniversary

1996 marked the 30th Anniversary of the HSM. Through the years, the HSM had grown to a roll of over 500 budding young musicians, 100 instrumental class, over 30 tutors and 6 assistant tutors, 2 Orchestras, 2 Windbands, Choir, and String Groups Mr Brian Pittams, then Principal of Howick Intermediate, put the HSM’s success down to”the enthusiasm andContinue reading “1996 – 30th Anniversary”

1966 – The Beginning

June 15 1966, The Howick Post announced the start of free music lessons at Howick Intermediate on Saturday mornings. The initiative began by Mrs Oates, then specialist music teacher at Howick Intermediate, first offered lessons for Recorder, Violin, Cello and Percussion. In its earliest Days the music school was known as the Howick Schools’ MusicContinue reading “1966 – The Beginning”